Creating and setting up film productions can be complicated and stressful. Whether it is a promotion video, a conference, training, a testimonial video, a live event, a non-profit appeal, a commercial, a presentation, a local news story, or any number of projects, there are many things to arrange. A conference, for example, requires guest speakers, presenters, accommodations, food services, seating, materials, arranging vendors, checking attendees in at the entrance, and keeping to a specific schedule. Once that is completed, marketing for the conference, registration for participants, renting equipment, and finding a film crew still has to be arranged.

Filming conferences has helped corporations world-wide save time and money on travel costs, arranging schedules to free up executives and professionals to attend, and the overall cost of hosting a conference. Partners and presenters can address groups from different locations; copies of the conferences can be distributed to employees who could not attend, and hosting corporations can offset the cost of the conference by selling copies of the event.

There is a company that has helped over half of all current Fortune 500 companies make conference productions even easier to arrange. This company provides professional freelance camera crews in all major cities on a global scale. If the conference is based in the US, camera crews atlanta can be hired to film the event. If presenters will be speaking from a location in Germany, a filming crew in Berlin can be assigned to that location. If a washington dc video crew is needed at the same time to film the conference from a third location, that can be arranged as well with the same booking.

A production manager is assigned to a client to help with the logistics of matching a suitable crew to the needs of the production. The manager gathers all the information, selects the best crew for the job, and follows up with the client after the filming to make sure everything went well. Camera operators have at least ten years of experience behind a camera, and the latest equipment is used for all filming. Crews can be set up at all locations, so the corporation only has to focus on the content of the conference, the marketing, and the participants.